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ūüí¨ About the content you see


On the main screen, you can swipe to read the content. If you want to explore different topics (categories), you can tap the button in the top right corner.


1) How to browse categories or topics?

There are two different topics you can browse: the content you read in the app and the one you get as reminders and widget.

  • To explore topics in the app, go to the main feed screen, and tap the button in the top right corner. The topics you select there will only “affect”¬†the main screen you see in the app.
  • Reminders and Widgets have their own content personalization. If you want to change the topics you get in one of them, go to Settings (top left corner) >¬†Reminders/Widgets. You will see a screen where you can choose the topic(s). The topics you choose there will only affect the feature where you’re editing.


2) Content you seen in the past (history):

  • You can view your previously read content by opening the app > Settings > History